Pan Pride


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Ohrringe in Regenbogenform handgefertigt aus Polymer Clay und Epoxidharz in den Farben der Flagge für Pansexualität. Beschreibung der Künstler*in:


All earrings are completely handmade, from the idea to the finishing touches. I modeled them out of polymer clay, then cast them in epoxy with lots of glitter (as usual) after baking. Then it was time to wait 2 days, let it harden, repeat with the back. Actually nothing for impatient people like me haha.

The earhook is made of 925 silver and is nickel-free, the small rings are only silver-colored.


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  • Kunst/Design: Renée
  • aus Polymer Clay u. Epoxidharz, Ohrhaken 925 Silber u. nickelfrei
  • 4,5 x 3 cm
  • handgefertigt
  • Hersteller*in: Aboutagirldesign
  • Produktnummer: 2593-Ohr-Pan-Re
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