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Antifaschistische Einhorn Aktion

Set mit 5 Aufklebern

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5 Aufkleber mit holografischer Folie mit dem Text "Antifaschistische Aktion" und zwei Einhörnern. Beschreibung des Künstlers:


5 Antifaschistische Einhorn Aktion sticker with holographic foil

This sticker gives the classic and widespread Antifa Logo a cute, queer twist of its kind. Not much is better than a unicorn making an antifascist statement. If it‘s not against fascism, it‘s not queer.

And they a holographic!
That’s just pretty and makes them really standing out from many other basic Antifa sticker.

They are printed on white glossy 80gsm adhesive paper with a silver iridescent hot foil print of the letters and the unicorn.

They are meant to be spread everywhere you want.
We do encourage to do so with love and respect and only with permission from the owners of the destined surface.

They are just thin enough to smoothly attach to the underground and just thick enough to be durable for different purposes.

  • Kunst/Design: Yori Gagarim
  • farbig, rund, 80g/qm-Papier
  • Durchmesser: 4,9 cm
  • Hersteller*in: Yori Gagarim
  • Produktnummer: 2347-AK-AFA-Eh-YG
  • 1 Stück auf Lager

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