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transfabel meint:Sehr schöne Sammlung von Interviews über Namensänderungen mit 17 Personen sowie einigen Kurzkapiteln von alpha kartsaki zum Thema. Die Interviewten reden über ihre Gründe für die Änderung, die Namenswahl, Reaktionen des Umfelds, wie es ihnen damit geht... Verlagsbeschreibung:


A book about choosing a new name. An ode to diversity and an empowering tool for self-identification.

What‘s in a name? What happens when we consciously choose a different name? How do names influence our identity? this is my name is a collection of intimate stories about the personal journey of people who have consciously decided to change their names: amongst others a non-binary teenager from Germany, a journalist from Turkey persecuted for his political beliefs, a Hungarian performance artist who works with trauma through rituals, and a trans-woman asylum seeker from Mexico.


Through interviews and testimonials, the stories open a discussion about racial prejudice, mental health issues, neurodiversity, transphobia, xenophobia, resistance towards anything non-normative, freedom of choice and authenticity.


Whether you have changed your own name or are thinking about it, this book is a companion for all people who undergo transformations, an empowering tool for self-identification and an ode to diversity of any kind. It also aspires to create a much-needed community for those who have the courage to change.


  • Text/Illustrationen: alpha kartsaki
  • Softcover, 128 Seiten
  • Sprache: Deutsch
  • 140 x 205 mm
  • Verlag: edition assemblage
  • ISBN: 978-3-96042-149-8
  • Produktnummer: ea-978-3-96042-149-8
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