Gay Pride Flamingo


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Gestanzter Aufkleber mit der Zeichnung eines Flamingos in Anlehnung an die Farben der Flagge für schwul. Oberhalb des Rückens des Flamingos steht @Baschdlmaidli. Beschreibung der Künstlerin:


This sticker shows a flamingo in different shades of blue and turquoise, alluding to the men loving men gay pride flag, resulting in “the flamin- gay”.
This design is part of my pun- tastic four collection.

You have the option to get the postcards where the main pun is put into a nice setting and the joke is explained. However, you also have the option to just get the design as a sticker [or button] to carry around a little symbol of pride with you that not everyone might understand immediately. A great conversation starter for people you feel safe with while, at the same time, not risking your safety and comfort in potentially dangerous and hostile environments.

The design is printed on printed on a thick, premium white vinyl known technically as polyvinyl chloride, or PVC and measures 75x 60mm
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  • Kunst/Design: Baschdlmaidli
  • Vinyl
  • Breite: ca. 60 mm, Höhe: ca. 75 mm
  • Hersteller*in: Baschdlmaidli
  • Produktnummer: 2227-AK-FlG-BM
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