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In den Farben verschiedener queerer Flaggen steht in Großbuchstaben steht: not just besties, not your accessory, not indecisive, not a phase, not broken, not going anywhere! Rechts unten in kleinerer Schrift steht @Baschdlmaidli. Beschreibung und Motivation der Künstlerin:

This self- designed sticker contradicts a bunch of stereotypes queer people face, with the font of the group in question being colored in its pride flag.

Unfortunately, we as a society still seem to be stuck in a place where prejudice against members of the LGBTQIA+ community run deep in our beliefs. This design is made to counteract these beliefs by stating that:
- Lesbian women are not just besties
- Gay men are not your accessory
- Bisexuals are not indicesive
- Being trans is not just a phase
- Being asexual does not mean you’re broken
The sticker concludes with a rainbow font that lets people know: queer people are ‘not going anywhere’!

This sticker is part of the may collection which I designed to let our loved ones know that they matter to us and are valid. This especially applies to members of the LGBTQIA+ community who, due to the discrimination they face on a daily basis, are more likely to suffer from exclusion, loneliness and even mental illness.

This sticker is a great way to spread awareness and acceptance while being a cheat sheet in case you forgot the colors of a certain pride flag. It also has a bit of a rebellious vibe to it, which I personally love!

The sticker is a rectangle in DIN A7 format (7,4 x 10,5 cm) and printed on 90 μm adhesive vinyl.
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  • Kunst/Design: Baschdlmaidli
  • 90 μm Vinyl
  • 7,4 x 10,5 cm
  • Hersteller*in: Baschdlmaidli
  • Produktnummer: 2436-AK-Not-BM
  • 15 Stück auf Lager