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I am enough


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Schlüsselanhänger in Herzform aus Epoxidharz mit dem Text I am enough aus Buchstabenperlen auf jeder Menge Glitzer. Beschreibung der Künstler*in.


With this pendant I tried to create a "happy" reminder that we are good enough the way we are! And maybe the dark thoughts get a little less power.

All keychains are completely handmade. I cast them from epoxy resin, mostly with a lot of glitter. Then it's time to wait and let it harden. The finished blanks are then ground by me, so that they have no edges or the like. Since every casting process is different, some of them are small unique pieces, which makes them a very special accessory.

Each heart pendant is about 5 cm tall.

  • Kunst/Design: Renée
  • aus Epoxidharz, Glitzer und Buchstabenperlen
  • ca. 5 cm breit und 5 cm hoch
  • handgefertigt
  • Hersteller*in: Aboutagirldesign
  • Produktnummer: 2529-SchA-Enough-Re
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